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Van Leer helped shape lives

My name is Heather Oguamanam. I was a foster child in the Van Leer’s home from age 2 to 6. Sharon Van Leer and her family welcomed my two sisters and I and showered us with love and open arms. The Van Leer family played a vital role in shaping the values I carried into my adulthood. 

After receiving my four-year degree in business management I started off my career in an entry level position within my field at a Fortune 500 financial company. After seven years and multiple promotions I currently manage my own team at the same company. 

Sharon Van Leer and family are still in my life today, and I consider the Van Leer family as my own. I am thankful to have encountered and maintained the bonds started so long ago. Today, my husband and I just welcomed our second child into this world and continue to be active members in our church and community as demonstrated by the Van Leer family. Vote Van Leer on Nov. 5.