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Tree trimming process under way in Cottage Grove

Despite incessantly falling snow and extremely low temperatures, the tree trimming process continues throughout neighborhoods near East Point Douglas Road and Jamaica Avenue in Cottage Grove.

From now through April 12, professional and Public Works crews will be pruning trees and removing dead, broken or crossing branches of trees in the right-of-way of residential properties, usually ten to fifteen feet from the back of the curb.

Tammy Anderson, Cottage Grove Public Works, said the trimming process helps to improve the shape, form and vigor of the city’s trees.

“Most of all our boulevard trimming is done in the winter because it is a slower part of the year,” said City Forester Steve Bowe. “It is also good for the trees as there are no leaves on them. This minimizes stress on the trees and allows for closure of wounds as soon as the tree becomes active in the spring.”

The recent heavy snowfalls, Bowe said, have slowed the tree trimming and cleanup progress but “we do our best so there is not a mess when spring comes around.”

Anderson said tree trimmers will not remove more than one-third of the overall tree canopy, which minimizes the amount of stress put on the tree during the pruning process.

Residents in the affected neighborhoods are asked to remove all Christmas lights on boulevard trees to eliminate safety hazards.

Bowe said contractors and Public Works crews will target specific areas and move throughout the map. But circumstances, he added, could change the plan.

Questions about the tree trimming schedule can be directed to Public Works by calling 651-458-2808.