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Sheriff, attorney say yes to school levy

This Nov. 5, voters throughout the St. Croix Valley have an important issue to decide: whether to maintain our outstanding educational opportunities for our community’s children or allow our community to slip into mediocrity by voting “no” to maintaining a reasonable school levy designed to enhance our children’s safety and education.

We know that everyone in our community benefits from investing in education for our kids. We know that the quality of our schools is reflected in our property values as well as offering opportunities for our students to go on to higher education and meaningful employment. But even our excellent public education system here in the St. Croix Valley needs to address safety concerns while educating our kids.

Part of the school levy request on this fall’s ballot provides for enhanced safety for our kids while they are attending school. We all value safety in our community and this levy will allow our schools to ensure our children’s safety by providing a small additional funding amount in order to implement a comprehensive safe schools plan for District 834 students. The levy request that continues funding an earlier 2002 levy will allow our schools to implement that safety plan. We don’t need to remind ourselves of such tragic incidents as Sandy Hook Elementary School or the Red Lake school shooting to emphasize the importance of keeping our kids safe in school.

By endorsing the prudent and reasonable investment in our schools and our children’s safety, this modest school levy proposal on Nov. 5 will allow us to identify and promote strategies, promising practices and programs that support safe schools for all students as part of the total academic mission.

Please consider this opportunity to invest in the safety of our kids and our schools. Vote “yes” on Nov. 5.

Editor’s note: This letter refers to Stillwater Area Public Schools, which includes Afton.