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Pullman Avenue, 3rd Street in St. Paul Park slated for improvement

Extensive patch work on portions of Pullman Avenue and Third Street are wearing thin, forcing the city of St. Paul Park to plan a full pavement reconstruction project come summer.

Last week, the City Council approved plans for the $1.46 million street improvement project and ordered the advertisement of bids.

The project’s feasibility study was first discussed in November when City Engineer Morgan Dawley detailed needed improvements to Pullman Avenue, between Second and Sixth streets, and Third Street between Pullman and 13th avenues.

“Knowing that (these roads) have lived their lifespan, they are ready for full reconstruction,” Dawley told the council in November.

As part of the improvement project, crews will remove the existing pavement along Pullman Avenue, between Second and Sixth streets, and install new pavement and replace the concrete curb and gutter.

The project also included a replacement of the neighborhood’s aging sanitary sewer, water main and storm sewer systems.

Upgrades to Third Street, between Pullman and 13th avenues, are not as extensive but the pavement reconstruction will focus on eliminating ponding problems after heavy rainfall and freeze and thaw cycles.

Also part of the improvement project is the addition of a pedestrian sidewalk on the north side of Pullman Avenue between Third and Fifth streets.

The city expects bids to come back next month with the council considering possible bid awards in April.