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Pick Edman for School Board

I appointed Michael Edman to the Washington County Community Corrections Advisory Board as my district appointment. Edman has been a great asset to the advisory board. He brings an impressive background of professional experience and education that has enabled him to be a level-headed, critical thinker. He is approachable, fun and incredibly smart. Edman is very thorough in his analysis and does his due diligence regarding various issues that arise. He has obtained these critical skills through his daily work as an attorney.

Edman has a passion for serving the community. He serves on several committees, but has a special interest in enriching the lives of children. That is evident in his volunteer work with the nonprofit Anu Family Services. Anu Family Services is nonprofit corporation providing foster care services for children with emotional and behavioral problems compounded by cognitive, developmental or medical disabilities.

In addition to helping our neediest children, Edman wants to ensure our schools are the best they can be. As a family man with two young children, he understands the value of a quality education and will fight to build a world class education system. Edman is a data-driven decision maker and I am confident that he will be a great asset to the District 833 School Board.