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Park High prom sails on St. Croix Riverboat romance

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Cottage Grove, 55016

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Not all of the plans for Park High School's prom came off, but those who attended seemed not to notice.

All of Park's proms in the past 15 years have been held at First Bank Center in St. Paul, usually in April when weather tends to be chilly, a challenge for young women in formal gowns with bare shoulders.


This year, prom organizers, supervised by art teacher Gretchen Romane, chose a boat cruise on the St. Croix River as the backdrop for prom.

The weather, however, was similar to past proms, with cool breezes and morning rain. Red carpets were planned for gangplanks to the Avalon and Empress boats, but the rain put a damper on that idea, Romane said.

One of the casualties of changing the venue to the St. Croix River was the Grand March. Typically held in the gym before prom, Grand March did not take place this year.

Instead, couples gathered at home for pictures and some parents were at the boat landing in Stillwater.

After a buffet dinner, tables were cleared away and couples went to the top deck for pictures, with music playing on the main deck.

When the boats docked about 9 p.m., prom goers were allowed to visit between boats and dance the night away on both boats until 11 p.m.