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The Locally Grown Theatre troupe performs “Synchronized Household Chores,” as part of the Improv Olympics Friday at the River Oaks Golf Course. Pictured from left are John Rigg, Tracy Caponigri, Adam Caughey, Logan Green and Stephanie Caughey. (Bulletin photo by William Loeffler

Locally Grown Theatre makes it up at improv fundraiser

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Locally Grown Theatre makes it up at improv fundraiser
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There was something funny going on Friday at River Oaks Golf Course. The members of Locally Grown Theatre threw away the script and delivered their first public improv performance.

For their “Improv Olympics” fundraiser, the three male and three female performers gave the audience more than an hour’s worth of silly and outlandish skits, songs and game show parodies.

The first part of the show spoofed the Olympics, which featured such sports as synchronized household chores and competitive patty cake. On a “Dating Game” segment, the three bachelors — Logan Green, Adam Caughey and John Rigg — adopted character quirks suggested by the audience. Laura Beard, Stephanie Caughey and Tracy Caponigri did the same for their turn as bachelorettes.

This bunch made the difficult art of improvisation look fun as well as easy. Their high-energy performance drew plenty of laughs.

If you missed Friday’s performances, there will two more at 7 and 10 p.m. Jan. 24. Tickets are $10. For more information, visit

William Loeffler
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