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Letters to the Editor: Gun bills, helping a friend

Helping -- and respecting --

a friend

Recently a good friend of mine died of severe multiple sclerosis. We tried to do some things together to get him out a little. His last years were difficult, especially for him.

We used to go to Cub and do our weekly grocery shopping for our wives. I would push his cart and pull mine and we'd gather our groceries. He had difficulty speaking and struggled to pick up his supplies. One time he was struggling to pick up a large jar of applesauce, his favorite food. As he was struggling to pick up a jar, I waited patiently because he wanted to show some independence and the ability to do things himself. I could have quickly picked it up and been on our way, but I respected him enough to let him work on it himself.

While he was struggling, an unknown woman walked over picked it up, handed it to him and then proceeded to ream me out for not helping my dad. He was 10 years my senior, but his illness made him look older than his years. All I'm trying to say is that something may seem uncaring to an onlooker, while it is actually an act of kindness and respect.

John Sipe

Cottage Grove

New gun laws coming, so just

accept that

It is obvious from the Feb. 27 letters to the editor of Jennifer Antiel and Debbie Beringer that we still have people getting their constitutional law from Rush Limbaugh and the Fox infotainment channel. Again, read the Second Amendment. Do you see the words "body armor" or "concealed weapon" anywhere? What you see are the words "well regulated," as we do need some regulations.

I own guns, and I know personally that you cannot mistakenly carry a gun onto school property. Just because someone won't allow you to bring handguns to the high school basketball game doesn't qualify them as gun-grabbing. Having a permit to carry comes with responsibilities, and one is wearing your gun only where it is allowed. These are common-sense issues, not legal gray areas. If you can't control that, you probably shouldn't have one.

Society has rules. You cannot accidently walk down the street naked. You can't mistakenly walk into your bank wearing a mask and carrying a shotgun. If you do any of these you will be punished, so get over it.

 You mention that Rep. Dan Schoen never mentioned gun issues while campaigning. But, the massacre of 20 innocent 5- and 6-year-olds changed the national conversation for sane Americans. I applaud him for his efforts, and offer him all the support I can give. You conspiracy people have to lose this paranoia and get on with your lives.

In all the bills you see sponsored, nowhere is there any mention of weapon confiscation from law-abiding citizens. There is only the common-sense issue of keeping them from criminals and those with mental issues. The bottom line is that we live in a democracy where majority rules and over 75 percent of the people in this country want stricter gun laws, so that is going to happen. So, you can either accept that or find a more gun-friendly country. The problem for you is that we have the most lax gun laws of any other country in the world, unless Somalia is to your liking. As I said in my last letter, if you are going to quote the Second Amendment at least read it first.

Doug Strenke

St. Paul Park

Don't base gun decisions on emotion and hysteria

The Minnesota Legislature has been holding hearings on a number of bills that, if enacted, will place further restrictions on gun rights. These need to be opposed.

Gun control doesn't work because criminals by definition don't obey the law anyway; only the law abiding suffer. Moreover, a certain level of personal risk is one of the prices we pay to live in a free society. The only reasons why Minnesotans should be denied the right to keep or bear arms is if they are convicted of a felony or adjudicated mentally defective by a court of law. Letting bureaucrats decide this is unacceptable. Besides, how many people who really need professional help will refuse to get it if they think their doctors will snitch on them?

Let's make our decisions on gun rights based on truth and reason, not on emotion and hysteria.

John Windsor