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Letter: Writer’s account only told half the story

Susan Richardson wrote a viewpoint letter for the May 14 Bulletin opinion page (“There are reasons for suspicion in District 833”). In it she references the Committee for VOTE’s financial reporting and a complaint alleging fraud. I was the co-treasurer for the committee and there is a second half to her “truth.” There was a grievance complaint filed against the committee by a volunteer for Richardson’s unsuccessful School Board campaign. It listed nine violations: two were immediately withdrawn by the complainant and the remaining seven were found to be without merit and summarily dismissed by the hearing judge. The results were prominently posted on a local blog and in the online version of this paper.

Richardson also refers to a cover-up in the reporting of donations. The required reports are very time specific as to when money comes in or goes out. A donation was pledged (without an amount) and when the donation was in hand and the amount known, I reported it. On the expense side, I reported the quoted cost of lawn signs (which were already displayed in yards) even though I had not received the bill. I followed the procedures in the most conservative manner.

Most of the Committee for VOTE members have volunteered a few hours over the years and appreciate the education our children have received. Move on, people. There’s no fraud here.