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Letter: Tea party wants less government at all costs

I want to thank Robert Segedi (“Tea party ideology is refreshing, not irrational,” June 11 letter) but I did try to define tea party ideology in my original letter (“Schoen did as he was elected to do,” June 4).

Segedi is correct that the tea party wants to significantly decrease the size of government and deregulate government’s influence over the economy. The dilemma by my opinion is that tea party members have openly made it clear that it wants less government at all costs and is willing to put public safety and people’s lives at risk to do it by refusing to adequately fund public programs and mandates and refusing to make sure consumers are being protected from businesses looking to make an unethical profit at consumers’ expense.

Yes, there is such a thing as too much government control, but there is also such a thing as too little government control (also known as anarchy) as well.

Labovitch is outreach director of Senate District 54 DFL