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Letter: Public supports end to wolf hunt

I’ve read that the Minnesota Legislature is taking up the issue of the wolf hunt again this year, and I hope our legislators do the right thing this time and vote to end the unnecessary wolf hunt and trapping. 

Eighty percent of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ survey respondents opposed the wolf hunt. That’s a huge number, and shows that the public doesn’t want the wolf hunt, which leaves me questioning why we have a hunt. The wolf is an important part of the habitat, and our DNR should be working on non-lethal ways to manage the population. A hunt is not the answer. We spent millions and millions to bring the wolf back from the brink of extinction in this country only to begin slaughtering them once again. This is crazy. It makes no sense.

Let’s hope our legislators work to support public opinion this time and support our gray wolf, and not just a special interest group.