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Letter: Peterson a true public servant

I write this letter in support of county commissioner Myra Peterson, who is seeking re-election. I believe it is critical to return Peterson to the county board to continue representing all of us in the Fourth District.

In these troubled economic times where government is called upon to do more with less, Peterson has proven that she can make tough decisions with compassion and common sense. She listens like no other elected official I have ever known.

I have known Peterson for more than 30 years, both professionally and as a friend. I spent nearly all my career, first as a journalist, then as an attorney, observing and representing elected officials. I have known some very good ones, and some that weren't so good. Peterson is one of the best. Not all elected representatives or politicians are public servants. Peterson is truly a public servant who has served the residents of District 4 and all of Washington County with humility, intelligence, wisdom and compassion for 17 years. How could we not select her to continue representing us? We need her experience. We need her knowledge. We need her ability to work well with others. We need Peterson.

Please join me in voting Nov. 2.