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Letter: Not convinced by explanation of District 833 resignations

I am directing this letter to the superintendent of South Washington County School District 833, Keith Jacobus.

It is time for you to step up, Mr. Jacobus, and be honest with the parents of children in our district. You cannot possibly expect us to believe that the resignations of Dave Bernhardson and Keith Ryskoski on the same day were simply due to school employees seeking new positions in the spring. Neither of these gentlemen had other jobs lined up, and I don’t know of many people earning that amount of money who would quit without another job. It also seems suspicious that your assistant, Mary Amidon, submitted her resignation with a gag order and a severance package. On top of that comes the resignation of Jim Gelbmann after many years of serving on the School Board. You cite all of these as coincidence, but I, for one, am not convinced. It sure seems like there is more going on than we taxpayers are aware of. I think we deserve to know the truth, and it is your job as superintendent to make sure that happens.