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Letter: Limit Woodbury representation on School Board

I was wondering why the District 833 School Board is not represented by areas.

Usually most School Board members live in Woodbury. It would seem more appropriate to allow only half of the board to live in Woodbury. I would even say to live in areas zoned for Woodbury schools, but that might make it a little too confusing.

I remember when Nuevas Fronteras was located in Bailey Elementary School and parents had to drive their child to this school if they wanted them enrolled there. When Nuevas Fronteras moved to Crestview Elementary School, then the school district bused the students. That seemed a little unfair.

Park High School has the International Baccalaureate program yet the Spanish immersion high school program is at Woodbury High School. Wouldn’t it fit better with the International Baccalaureate program? Park High School is within walking distance of Crestview, so the high school students could actually volunteer and practice their Spanish with the students in Nuevas Fronteras if the high school Spanish immersion was housed at Park.

As I said, maybe only half of the School Board members should live in Woodbury.

Editor’s note: Three of seven current District 833 School Board members live in Woodbury — Jim Gelbmann, Laurie Johnson and Sharon Van Leer. Ron Kath and Tracy Brunnette live in Cottage Grove. Katie Schwartz lives in St. Paul Park. Katy McElwee-Stevens is a Newport resident.