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Letter: Jacobus seems to be ‘common denominator’ in School District 833 exits

As a retired teacher from District 833, I remain interested in South Washington County Schools. I am concerned about the numerous resignations recently in administrative positions: Keith Ryskoski, assistant superintendent; Dave Bernhardson, assistant superintendent; Mary Amidon, executive assistant; and Aaron Bushberger, finance director.

After reading the Woodbury Bulletin article (“Jacobus: Resignations don’t signal problems,” April 23) I went online to see Superintendent Keith Jacobus’ YouTube video regarding this issue. What did I find out? Nothing. Jacobus offered no explanation at all in his video. He said that personnel matters are private, that many educators look for new career opportunities at this time of year, and that speculation might damage reputations.

Jacobus seems to be the common denominator in the loss of several key administrative leaders. Why are key people leaving?