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Letter: Heed telltale signs before voting Republican

I want to respond to Chad Rediske’s letter on the faults of the DFL by bringing up the GOP candidates running for governor and senator.

For governor, the major candidates will essentially imitate Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, which means they would want massive budget cuts, would support anti-union legislation, and would not accept any funding from the national government which would help in transportation and health care costs to simply make political statements against President Barack Obama.

For senator, there are two major candidates running for office that are moderates but neither looks like they will be nominated. Thus, the candidates that will likely be the nominees will just add to the gridlock in Washington, D.C.

And that is the point. Republican activists locally and across the state have made it absolutely clear that there will be no compromise or search for common ground. Moreover, the most headstrong Republicans locally and statewide again are members of the Liberty/Tea Party faction which has more or less stated that government programs are evil or an evil necessity. Imagine going to a public employee like a firefighter or school teacher and saying they are evil and you can see the issue here.

About one-fourth of the state Senate and one-third of the state House members are endorsed by the Republican Liberty Caucus and about half of the local Republican officers including Rediske are Tea Party/Liberty members or have their ideology. (The candidates considered the most conservative running for governor and senator won the local GOP straw poll Feb. 4.)

In 2010 Republicans stated that Democrats needed to be held accountable. However, Democratic activists like myself soon found ourselves after the election stating that it was the Republicans that needed accountability on confirmed counts of extreme partisanship, loutish behavior, cronyism, hypocrisy and wasteful spending on party campaigns both statewide and local that put the GOP into massive debt, so I hope voters are reminded of this and think about what could happen if Republicans are elected again.

Labovitch is the outreach director for Senate District 54 DFL.