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Letter to the editor: Sieben spends on Senate, not constituents

Sen. Katie Sieben’s Viewpoint (“Legislature, governor deliver progress for state,” June 25) regarding this past legislative session was full of the typical DFL spin, but she conveniently neglected to mention the controversial $77 million Senate office building project the Democrats passed, despite Republican objection.

Last year, there was a $700 million budget deficit, so the DFL-controlled House and Senate increased taxes by $2.1 billion. DFL Gov. Mark Dayton was glad to sign the tax increase into law. This resulted in a $1.2 billion surplus this year, for which Sieben credits DFL policies. She mentions $550 million of that surplus going for tax relief. So, in the mind of a DFL politician, first you raise taxes a lot, then cut taxes a little, then call yourself a tax cutter.

Regarding the unneeded $77 million Senate office building, what a boondoggle. Despite the brilliant DFL policies, there’s plenty of empty office space in downtown St. Paul. The Senate could easily lease some space for two years while the Capitol is being renovated. Geez, they could even commute between the two sites via another DFL boondoggle, light rail. The $77 million could have been spent more wisely, like helping the poor and homeless, or even fixing our streets. A lot of neighborhoods in Cottage Grove are being assessed additional taxes for street repairs. Sadly, Sieben would rather spend your tax dollars on a new palatial Senate office building for herself than help out her own constituents.