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Letter to the editor: ‘Shocked’ by candidate’s finances

When I learned that the report of receipts and expenditures for campaigns is publicly disclosed online, I was curious to check out House candidate Matt Kowalski’s financial summary.

After I looked over the receipts, which included contributions and expenditures, I was shocked by what I found. Although Kowalski’s report shows he brought in $2,700 from individual contributions, he outspent what was within his campaign budget. He was in the red by $507.50.

Anyone can check the facts and find the report here:

I can’t help but compare Kowalski’s poor budget-balancing skills to our previously Republican-led Legislature a few short years ago, when Minnesota faced a $6 billion deficit.

Kowalski’s campaign slogan does make sense in one regard. Freedom does work better when we all have the freedom to vote for a legislator who will stand up for his community and who works with a Legislature that has balanced a budget honestly and responsibly.

I know who I’m casting my vote for this November. Join me in supporting our responsible legislative leader, neighbor and friend. Vote to re-elect Dan Schoen.