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Letter to the editor: School kids’ work will brighten seniors’ day

I work as a recreational assistant at Marian of St. Paul, a senior living center, and asked second- and third-grade teachers if they would be interested in their classes designing colorful spring and summer placemats for the independent and assisted-living tenants.

Mary Virgin, a third-grade teacher, put the word out to other teachers and it resulted in about five grades participating. The placemats turned out very bright and cheerful along with some messages on some, and they will brighten the day of many seniors when they see them. It is always a treat to see artwork from young people. I know it will bring smiles and conversation at the dinner tables.

I would like to thank and acknowledge Cottage Grove Elementary School for participating in this project along with the teachers’ support in making this happen. I was so pleased with the results of this project and would like to acknowledge them for pulling together as a community to donate their time and talent to bring smiles to so many faces. Also, thank you to Mary Virgin for getting the word out to other teachers to make this so successful. I think this was a great way for students to contribute their talents and time to others.