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Letter to the editor: Questions surrounding district departures deserve answers

Questions and concern continue to grow regarding our school district. As administrators closest to the superintendent leave South Washington County Schools, one right after another, we are all left to wonder if the School Board is doing its due diligence and checking into the real reasons for this mass exit.

Where in this world is it that people at these levels quit their jobs without another job in hand?  Why is it that someone would leave this district and go to a similar job, but in a much smaller district? Why are so many leaving right now? Why is the superintendent’s administrative assistant sworn to giving no statements? Even though it is spring, it is not normal for so many high level administrators to leave at the same time.

Has human resources or the School Board done any exit interviews to get to the bottom of what is really happening? When something smells funny, an investigation is imperative.

Diane Fredrickson is a retired District 833 educator.