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Letter: City’s bike park is a dangerous eyesore

NIMBY is a simple acronym for something you have may heard of: Not In My Backyard.

There has been a lot of discussion around the new bike park in West Draw Park in Cottage Grove. In fact, one of the companies that sponsored the bike park, Bell Built, is actually holding a vote for a grant to improve the park. My family and I unfortunately live in one of the houses that border the park, and the bike park literally is in my backyard. It is a complete eyesore and will most certainly detract from the value of my property and others that border the park.

Then recently I saw a post on Facebook from the Cottage Grove Police Department via the city government encouraging residents to vote for the grant — YouTube video and all. How unfortunate it is that we have a police department and a city government that built and support this eyesore that will surely decrease the property values from the very residents who pay their compensation, the property owners in Cottage Grove.

Of course, the bike park is not in their backyard. I wonder how Bell Built, the Minnesota Off Road Cyclists, Cottage Grove government officials and police department will feel when the first child is seriously injured at the bike park. It will happen and it’s only a matter of time; write it down. I hope the city has adequate liability insurance and the officials who approved this have a clear conscious.

Cottage Grove City Council members, you should be ashamed of yourselves for letting this happen. I am sure you do not care though. Why would you? This mistake of a bike park and waste of money and resources is not in your backyard. It’s in mine and my neighbors’. Quite literally, I am afraid.

Email me at I would love to have an intelligent dialogue with you.