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Legislators: School levy ‘important step’ for education

As state legislators representing districts that include South Washington County Schools, we support the three questions on the ballot Tuesday, Nov. 5, as an important step in providing the education every student needs and has come to expect from School District 833.

While the Legislature has recently increased state funding to school districts across Minnesota, including District 833, over a number of years the overall spending levels have not kept pace with inflation. In addition, the communities that make up the South Washington County School District continue to grow, and school district leadership is responsibly planning for the future.

The proposed ballot questions are the result of careful consideration of input from local stakeholders and reflect the priorities expressed in area surveys. The funds from the approval of these three questions will allow the South Washington County School District to maintain its tradition of excellence in education, prepare our children for their best futures, and maintain an important foundation in our communities’ overall strength.

District 833 is well-recognized for its fiscal and administrative prudence, and the three ballot questions continue that care. South Washington County Schools rank very high among school districts in terms of efficiency in overall spending, operations and maintenance, and district level administration, as well as being recognized for the past seven years with awards for sound school financial management.

We are proud to add our voices to a growing list of supporters throughout our communities, and we encourage you to support our students and our communities by voting “yes” to all three ballot questions on Nov. 5.