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The important things in life

As I sit here pondering the last 15 days of my life, I am thinking of what is really important in life. First, I really want to thank family and friends who have come to visit my son and myself as he has been in the hospital and recovering from his fifth open heart surgery. You have all been fantastic and wonderful. Unless you go through this yourselves, you will never know how awesome those visits are to us. I really need to say a huge thank you for the nights off my mother and sister gave me from sleeping at the hospital. For everyone who has prayed for my son, thank you, it means a great deal.   Andrew has come home from the hospital now and is recovering.     

As I read the South Washington County Bulletin online I just have to shake my head at times. Have people forgotten the truly important things in life? Instead of talking to our neighbors, we call the police or city hall and report them? We worry about the appearance of someone's lawn more than we worry about their health and welfare? What is wrong with society today? I know I spent several days at the hospital worrying about how long my lawn was getting and if one of my neighbors would call city hall on me. Especially since after spending money on parking and eating at the hospital, I did not have enough money to pay someone to cut it for me. 

In conclusion, I really just want to remind the citizens of Cottage Grove that we all need to remember the important things in life: family, friends and life. Everyone please slow down a little, take time to smell the flowers, enjoy the bees doing their job of pollinating, pet a dog, snuggle a cat, smile at little kids, drive slower, and just be grateful that your family and friends are healthy. This is what is really important in life. Talk to your neighbors, do some charity work, sit outside in the shade and read a good book. Remember it can all go away from you in an instant.

Teresa Okeson-Prater

Cottage Grove