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Editor's note: Viewing the city charter petition

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opinion Cottage Grove, 55016
Cottage Grove Minnesota 7584 80th Street South 55016

Some Bulletin readers may be perusing our website looking for a copy of the Cottage Grove city charter petition, which we promoted on 1A of our Feb. 8 print edition.


It's not on the website and here's why:

We believed it was important to make that much-discussed document more accessible for review by the public, so we posted it online earlier this week. The petition includes names, home addresses, telephone numbers and signatures.

I later decided to temporarily remove the petition from our website due to identity theft concerns posed by publishing all of that data.

We are exploring whether to create a modified version of the petition that only would include some of the information that we believe is most relevant to the public debate over the charter petition. If that can be accomplished, we will make that available on our website as soon as possible.

You can reach me with questions at

--Scott Wente, Bulletin editor