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East Ridge High School's Campion, Sicoli shine in Special Olympics swimming competition
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East Ridge High School students Dom Campion and Joey Sicoli represented their school and the Woodbury Blazing Stars Special Olympics Team at the State Special Olympics swimming competition at St. Thomas University on March 29-30. 


Campion competed in the 25-meter freestyle, 25-meter backstroke, 50-meter backstroke and 25-meter relay. Campion earned second place in the 25-meter and 50-meter backstroke, as well as finishing fourth in the 25-meter freestyle and fifth in the 25-meter relay.

“I have always liked swimming and wanted to compete at something I love doing,” Campion said. “Swimming is good exercise and I enjoy doing it. I don’t like ball games or hockey, so swimming was a great fit for me. I like competition and think it brings out the best in others.”

Sicoli competed in the 50-meter backstroke, 50-meter freestyle and 50-meter relay, earning silver in all of three events. He said he was excited about his events and the opportunity to participate.

“I practiced a lot and went to a swim meet to better prepare myself for state,” Campion said. “I practice once a week for 45 minutes and push myself to be better.

“I’m sure others would enjoy this if they tried it too. I have learned that it’s not the medals that count, it’s the effort you put in.”

-Patrick Johnson