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Disappointed in Rep. Kline

Despite the fact that more than 48,000 Minnesotans and 4 million Americans have made their voices heard by submitting comments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) supporting limits on carbon from power plants, Rep. John Kline and a majority of the House voted to approve the “polluter protection act” – HR 3826 – which directly opposes and limits the EPA’s ability to fight global warming.

With the extreme weather that Minnesota, the United States and the world in general has been experiencing in the past few years, including devastating drought across the Midwest and damaging floods in recent years in Minnesota, you would think legislators would start taking global warming seriously. Scientists say that unless global warming pollution is significantly reduced, volatile weather will become the norm.

Power plants already have limits in place on arsenic, mercury, lead, and other toxic chemicals, so why is there still no federal limit on dangerous carbon pollution?

Instead of supporting the EPA’s work to protect Minnesotans’ health, livelihoods and future generations from global warming, Kline decided to side with big polluters like the American Petroleum Institute pushing this bill. I can only hope that the Senate has more of a backbone when standing up for the people, the environment and the world of our children.