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Cottage Grove’s recent street repairs already beginning to crack

Cottage Grove’s 2013 pavement management program included some areas that had the road surface removed and replaced and others that had a thin overlay done.

I live in the area of the thin overlay, and this newly laid pavement is already cracking badly during its first (incomplete) winter. Indian Boulevard in front of the elementary school and middle school is especially bad. One can assume that as soon as we hit spring and water starts seeping into the cracks and freezing and thawing, we’ll see some potholes in this newly laid pavement.

My question for the City Council and Public Works Department is why overlay a 20-year-old road surface which was badly cracked to begin with? Why wasn’t the entire road surface replaced so we could get another 20 years out of it? The areas where the road surface was replaced have little to no cracking.

For the record, I was not at all opposed to the city replacing these roads as some were. They were deteriorating and in need of replacement. But it looks to me as if we’ve wasted the taxpayers’ assessments and city money on a poorly conceived and performed job and will soon be back to patching and filling a relatively new roadway.

I don’t know what prompted the city to consider the overlay (I hope it wasn’t cost pressures from a few noisy residents). But as it stands, we in no way have a road surface that will last for another 20 years. And that’s a waste of money for the city and residents who paid for it.