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Cottage Grove Bike Park in running for grant

Spearheading the Cottage Grove Bike Park, Chance Glasford tries out a jump track last summer during construction. (Bulletin photo by Scott Wente)

The nearly completed Cottage Grove Bike Park project is a finalist for part of a $100,000 International Mountain Bicycling Association grant.

If awarded, the Bell Built Grant would provide roughly $33,000 in design and build resources to complete a jump line at the multi-skill level course at West Draw Park.

Proposed for the southwest corner of the bike park, the jump line will offer riders of all skill levels and ages a progressive track to ride, said Chance Glasford, the park’s leader.

The grant will fund three mountain bike projects total, one in each region of the country. The Cottage Grove Bike Park is vying to be the winner in the central region.

The winners will be selected by online votes, and the public voting polls open April 7.

Voting for the Cottage Grove Bike Park is open from April 21 through May 4.

For more information about past winners or about the Bell Built Grant, visit the website