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'Business as usual' for Washington County license as gay marriage legalized

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news Cottage Grove, 55016

Cottage Grove Minnesota 7584 80th Street South 55016

Big celebrations and early morning weddings took place Thursday in the Twin Cities to mark the state’s legalization of gay marriage but Washington County officials were not aware of similar festivities marking the occasion.


Same-sex couples can pick up their marriage licenses and be wed beginning Thursday as Minnesota becomes the 12th state to allow gay marriage.

Washington County did not track the number of license applications submitted by same-sex couples ahead of Thursday’s law change, but there was no unusual spike in the number of applications in recent days or weeks, said Jennifer Wagenius, director of the county’s Property Records and Taxpayer Services department that issues marriage licenses.

“Right now now we’re just expecting a regular day,” Wagenius said of Thursday.

A five-day waiting period for licenses meant that gay couples that wanted to be married on the first day it is legal had to submit their application by last week, unless they sought a court-administered waiver.

The Washington County office opened at 8 a.m. as usual on Thursday to process marriage applications and provide licenses.

“It’s business as usual for us,” Wagenius said.