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Business students earn honors at regional meet Jan. 11

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Business students earn honors at regional meet Jan. 11
Cottage Grove Minnesota 7584 80th Street South 55016

Business students at Park High School won a variety of awards at the Region 2 competition of Business Professionals of America, Jan. 11. Most of them will proceed to state competition in March, said faculty advisor Valerie Bradt.

Accounting -- David Meier, third place

Database applications -- Kaitlin Kline, third place

Economic research project team -- Kaleigh Spears and Ashley Johnson, second place

Administrative support research project -- Samantha Steele, first place

Keyboarding production -- Veronica Bryant, first; Chelsea Neilson, second; and Janelle O'Neil, third

PC servicing and troubleshooting -- Bryan Schnegelberger, second, and Kyle Hall, fifth place

Word processing skills -- Sara Chavie, first place

Computer security concepts -- Wilton Lopez, first; Kyle Hall, second; and Bryan Schnegelberger, third

Advanced word processing skills -- David Meiers, first

Fundamentals of XHML -- Wilton Lopez, third, and Cory Hunt, fifth

Desktop publishing -- Veronica Bryant, third; Janelle O'Neil, sixth; Jaclyn Daggit, seventh; and Cory Hunt, ninth

Web site design team -- Aaron Johnson and George Hutt, first

Integrated office applications -- Kaitlin Kline, third

C++ programming -- Nick Strydom, first, and Chris Lindemann, second

Basic office systems and procedures -- Sara Chavie, first; Samantha Steele, fourth; and Ashley Lorentz, fifth

Microsoft network administration -- Aaron Johnson, first; Chris Lindemann, second; and George Hutt, third

Medical office procedures -- Kayleigh Spears, fourth; Ashley Johnson, fifth; and Annette Maison, sixth

Entrepreneurship -- Amanda Mayers, first

Small business management team -- Brent Murray and Sam Howard, first; Dustin Johnson, Ashley Lorentz, Crystal Faulk and DJ Sammon, fifth

Interview skills -- Amanda Mayers, first

Graphic design -- Nick Strydom, third

Presentation management team -- Amanda Mayers, Jac Daggit and Jackie Sherman, first

Information technology concepts -- Aaron Johnson, first, and Wilton Lopez, seventh

Management, marketing, human resources -- Aaron Johnson, third, and Albert Bedard, ninth

Administrative support concepts -- Veronica Bryant, first; David Meier, fifth; Jackie Sherman, seventh

Insurance concepts -- Aaron Johnson, sixth

Financial math and analysis -- David Meier, first, and Sara Chavie, second.