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Bulletin letters to the editor: supporting candidates

Hunziker will protect residents' interests

I have lived in St. Paul Park for eight years and my vote for mayor will go to John Hunziker. I have sat on commissions with him and know firsthand that he always fights to protect the best interests of our citizens and businesses.

Over the years, he has proven his leadership. We need to rely on that leadership now in this hard economy. Always ready to listen to constituents and help where needed, his experience and knowledge will continue to benefit our entire community.

With our city facing cuts in Local Government Aid, he has taken a balanced approach on property taxes to maintain the city services that benefit all of us. Lowering the property assessments on our street reconstruction projects and establishing quiet zones at our railroad crossings are projects he has fought for.

He has led our city in the right direction, and for that, he has thanks and my vote.

Judy Woods

St. Paul Park

Woods is a former Newport City Council member

Schwartz has leadership skills

I am writing this letter to the editor in regard to the upcoming District 833 School Board elections. In particular, I am writing about one of the candidates, Katie Schwartz.

I have known Katie for a little over three years. The first time I met Katie was at a St. Paul Park Athletic Association Board meeting. SPPAA had just completed its second year of soccer and had no director to run it. The soccer program was in disarray and was drifting in no particular direction. Katie volunteered to be the soccer director that evening and through her leadership, the program has measurably improved. Over of the past three years, registration numbers have improved each year, complaints are way down and the program is always within its budget.

Katie also volunteers to do what it takes to make SPPAA and its programs successful. She volunteers to help with baseball/softball registrations. She also helps with fundraisers such as DeMori's and baseball tournaments. She is active in decorating our float every year for Heritage Days. She helps with equipment handouts and turn-ins. The list goes on and on. Some of the items that I have listed do not have a direct impact on the soccer program, but yet Katie is there to help out.

In closing, I believe Katie Schwartz would be a great addition to the District 833 School Board. In the past three years she has demonstrated to me that she has the leadership abilities to do a great job and she a has a desire to do whatever it takes to make a board successful.

Rick Ewy

St. Paul Park

Ewy is former president and treasurer of St. Paul Park Athletic Association

Schwartz a good choice

Katie Schwartz is a great candidate for the District 833 School Board. She has been through the school system, has children in the school system and is very active in helping improve things both within the school system and in her community.

If you read the Bulletin on a regular basis, you would see her name in there real often. I have known Katie for several years and known that she would be a wonderful asset to our School Board.

Esther Lenartz

Cottage Grove

Lenartz is director of Montessori Day