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Bulletin letters to the editor: Newport library, Food shelf thank you

Leave library alone

The Newport library has been a success in 2012.

So say the mayor, council members and most users. But the mayor and a few others also say they want to "catch up" and "figure it out."

What's to figure out? Everyone likes what's going on, but at least one council member seems upset that kids are hanging out, that the city is babysitting.

The mayor and a few others have a tendency to look backward, not forward. When they talk of making policies, it sounds like they want to make changes.

Why change success? Tell the politicians to leave the library alone.

Bob Anderson


Food shelf appreciates FoodShare, Scout drives

The Friends in Need Food Shelf wants to thank this generous community for their amazing donations during FoodShare Month and for the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts drive. 

The totals for FoodShare Month were $51,345 raised and 13,013 pounds donated. The Scout drive brought in $2,721 so far and 1,052 pounds of toiletries. 

It is only because of this wonderful community that we are able to serve the many families who come to us for help, and we are very grateful.

Michelle Rageth

Director, Friends in Need Food Shelf in St. Paul Park