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Bulletin letters to the editor: Gay marriage approval, urban chickens

Schoen, Sieben showed courage with gay marriage yes votes

Leadership, courage and integrity are all words I have not been able to use when describing the behavior of our elected officials at both the national and state levels these past number of years. But that has changed for me.

I watched the process of recent days as our elected officials here in Minnesota demonstrated these values as they debated and discussed the bill to allow gay marriage in Minnesota. They demonstrated clearly that while there were divisions in their beliefs, they could hear and respect each other's views. There was no clear mandate, in most cases, from their constituents. When it came time to vote, I believe it took real courage to cast a yes vote. In my opinion, the easiest and safer answer may have been to vote no and not change the law. The politically difficult answer is to change the law and allow marriage for same-sex partners.

Rep. Dan Schoen and Sen. Katie Sieben both demonstrated courage and leadership in their yes votes. I am proud to be a Minnesotan. I am very proud to be represented by leaders such as Dan and Katie. As a constituent, I will be supporting them in future elections. I strongly encourage you to do the same as they are the type of leaders we will continue to need in the future.

Susan Albrecht


Chickens, ducks in the city a 'ridiculous idea'

This letter is in response to Betty Anderson's letter to the editor ("Council should be open-minded, support chickens," May 8). I am a next door neighbor to Ms. Anderson.

I, along with many of my fellow neighbors, vehemently oppose the idea of the government of the city of Cottage Grove passing an ordinance allowing citizens of the city to raise chickens and ducks or any other kind of poultry within the city's districts zoned as residential, and implore the mayor and City Council to quash such a ridiculous idea.

William Yunker

Cottage Grove