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Bulletin letters to the editor: Community support, gay-marrage ban and gas prices

Thankful for the community help

I am a member of Sonrise Christian Church. On Jan. 1, I lost my brother tragically. His name was Kerry Baker. I have never lost someone this close to me before. Through the leadership of Sonrise Christian Church the community responded to the needs of his children. Seeing this community extend their personal care for Kerry's surviving children's wellbeing overwhelms my heart. We thank everyone for lending us their tears. I could not cry them all. We will miss Kerry until we meet him again in heaven.

We received donations from people we didn't even know to care for their needs. My family and I would like to thank Sonrise Christian Church for the work in putting together the benefit. We would like to thank the following community businesses for donating the benefit meal: Carbone's Pizzeria, Bonngard's Family Meats, Applebee's Restaurant, Bella's Pizza, Tinnucci's, Perkins Restaurant, Big Steer Meats, Rainbow Foods and Cub Foods. Also, we would like to thank Country Inn & Suites of Cottage Grove and Park Grove Bowl for providing a time of fun for the children.

I am amazed at the love and support within this community.

Keith Baker

Amendment will not hurt economy

In a recent letter to the editor ("Proposed constitutional ban on gay marriage would hurt Minnesota businesses," Feb. 8), several state and local officials made the unsupportable claim that if voters pass the Marriage Protection Amendment it will be bad for business.

First, the Marriage Protection Amendment makes no change to our existing law and thus would have no impact on our economy. It simply puts our current definition of marriage beyond the reach of activist judges and politicians to change without the consent of the voters. This argument is also internally inconsistent with other arguments that gay marriage backers advance. For example, they argue that more gay and lesbian couples are making their home in Minnesota so we should redefine marriage to accommodate them, yet, if true, that is happening when we already define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

The facts show something else. States with a marriage protection amendment are our top-performing economic states. For example, eight of the top 10 "best states for business" according to a survey of 556 CEOs by Chief Executive Magazine have a state marriage amendment in their constitution. Six of the top 10 performing states for "creating jobs, economic development and prosperity in challenging times" have a state marriage amendment in their constitutions, according to a study published by the National Chamber Foundation. According to Moody's Analytics, eight of the top 10 states for job growth have a marriage amendment in their state constitution. Finally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported last March that of the six states with the lowest unemployment rates, four of them had state marriage amendments. Clearly, an amendment will not hurt our economy. In fact, the amendment makes no change in rights and benefits for gays and lesbians, nor does it limit the Legislature's ability to provide future benefits if those become needed.

Voters need to understand that the question of marriage will be decided by someone in Minnesota - and soon. Vote yes on the amendment and put it out of the reach of activist judges and politicians to change without the consent of the voters.

Chuck Darrell


Darrell is communications director for Minnesota for Marriage

Gold might be cheaper than the local gas prices

I write this letter in regard to the gas prices in Cottage Grove, St. Paul Park and Newport. Why is it we are one of the highest in the metro? Woodbury is cheaper, Hastings is cheaper and I'm pretty sure gold might be cheaper.

Seriously, though, who did we tick off? I know all of us who live here apparently have money falling out of our pockets, but really, what gives? We get taken to the cleaners enough around here, so enough is enough. Cut us all a break and give us equal treatment.


A taxpayer sick and tired of getting raked over the coals.

Larry Quashnick

Cottage Grove