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Bulletin letters to the editor

Peterson's record includes 'total disregard' for citizens

I would like to point out a couple of important points Jen Peterson forgot to mention as part of the "many great things" she has done for us (Jen Peterson candidate viewpoint, July 11).

Peterson failed to mention the total disregard she and the mayor showed the citizens here in Cottage Grove while the debate over the new government center was going on. Let us not forget the hard work involved by so many to get the necessary signatures required for the issue to be put on the ballot, only to be ignored by Peterson and the mayor alike to get what they wanted. Is this one of the proud moments she is speaking of? Or how about the commission appointments that instead of following the correct procedure the mayor and Peterson just appointed the person they wanted -- Karla Bigham.

Peterson calls herself a "forward thinker" and wants more rental property for Cottage Grove to go along with her rail project. This of course is the left's typical social engineering we see all over the country: pack everyone into neatly placed apartments along their transportation systems to help save the planet from global warming, climate change or whatever they're calling it this week.

How's that working out on the Northstar rail line? As always, they inflate the projected number of riders they expect to get it passed and when it doesn't work we get to pay for it forever. On that wonderful project they've begun giving away free rides to boost the numbers. I wonder if Peterson can name one of these rail systems anywhere in the country that has given the expected return on investment.

Folks, what we need here in Cottage Grove is not a mayor or city council members who will do whatever they please to get what they want, but who will follow the process laid out to best accomplish what goals the citizens decide.

It's important for us all to remember what got us to this point. Simply put, out-of-control liberal progressive policies that are bankrupting states and local governments all across the nation.

Dave Dunn

Cottage Grove

Thankful to those who helped find missing boy

We would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone who helped find our son, Scott. Words cannot describe the appreciation we have for all of the law enforcement, EMS, fire and rescue, and all of the individuals who searched, donated items and offered support. We were overwhelmed by the number of people who stopped what they were doing and rushed to our home to help search for our son.

There are so many individuals and businesses who were involved in the effort to find Scott that we know we will never be able to thank all of them enough. Please know that you are appreciated more than words will ever express. There were also many individuals who were unable to come and help the search but gave up prayers to the Lord and we know in our hearts that those prayers were heard.

A very big thank you to Sheriff Nancy Hove for her dedication and for helping us hold it together as the hours passed. Hove gave us confidence that Scott would be found, and found soon. They were concerned about everyone involved, not just our family but all of the searchers and we felt that the entire operation was run smoothly and with precision.

We are forever thankful to our neighbors as they were the first to begin the search and did not stop searching. They allowed officials to search their homes and properties.

We are very thankful that Scott is at home with us and his two older brothers. He is recovering well from his bug bites and is returning back to his normal self and routine. We feel very blessed to live in an area with such wonderful community support.

Barbara Meyer


Meyer's 5-year-old son went missing earlier this month near their home and was found a day later.

Master gardeners appreciate support

Gov. Mark Dayton has declared July 19 as University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Day. We appreciate this acknowledgement of our program and also want to express our sincere enthusiasm in serving the citizens of Washington County by providing expertise and advice concerning all things horticultural.

Gardening is a passion and tradition for master gardeners as it is for many, many members of our community. Each year master gardeners continue their education through classes, seminars and meetings so they can provide the best research-based horticultural information to the public. We enjoy meeting other gardeners and sharing our knowledge at "Ask a Master Gardener" booths during special community events, at diagnostic clinics, while teaching classes, during the annual FamilyMeans St. Croix garden tour, and at other area events.

Since 2009, our program no longer receives funding from Washington County. The support of the residents of Washington County has been very important to the future of our program. Despite the lack of county funding and clerical support, our program is thriving through the efforts of our 130 well-trained volunteers and connection with the University of Minnesota Extension.

Each June our largest fundraiser, the highly successful annual plant sale, helps provide the dollars to sustain our program through the year so we can continue our many projects. Washington County fair time is just around the corner and master gardeners have been hard at work preparing the "Fairest Garden" for visitors to the fair. Last year more than 5,400 fairgoers stopped by the gardens to see what was growing and ask questions about their own gardens. We hope to see you there.

Alice Pepin and Washington County master gardeners University of Minnesota Extension

Injured cop's family thanks community

We are so blessed to live in a community that believes in helping a neighbor. We live in a neighborhood that lends a hand when someone is in need -- plowing a driveway, fixing a garage door, pushing through a snow bank or taking up garbage cans. We all look out for one another.

When Frank was injured, we were flooded with offers of assistance; meals were delivered, children were cared for, and gift cards were brought to the door. That support continued for months. When we were approached by Erik Witt and the Lions Club to discuss a community benefit, we had no idea that there would be such an outpouring of commitment by the many organizations in this community. So many people were part of the planning, donating and volunteering process; it was an astounding example of community commitment and excellence.

We are proud to say we are part of this community, and deeply honored by the support that has been given to us. If we could walk door to door to thank each person who has helped us, we would gladly do so. This assistance that has been provided by everyone has allowed us to focus on Frank's recovery, and for that we are eternally grateful.

Thank you everyone. We are so touched by your generosity, your kindness and your prayers.

Lisabeth Mackall

Cottage Grove

Mackall's husband, Frank, is a police officer recovering from injuries sustained in a car crash while he was on duty early this year.