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Bulletin letters to the editor

Shame on grave site flower thief

To the person who stole my plant off of my husband's grave at Newport Cemetery: I hope you're proud of yourself. It takes guts to steal from a grave. Just remember: God saw you.

Shirley Hacken

St. Paul Park

City should better plan drive-in site

We have lived in Cottage Grove for nearly 20 years and have seen many positive changes during that time. We care about the future of this city. The Cottage View Drive-In has been such a fun part of our experience here. We understand that the likelihood of keeping the property a drive-in is slim, which is too bad because it's a great family activity in our own backyard. It draws people from near and far.

If the property must be developed there ought to be a master plan. Let's consider preserving a part of the land for an outdoor walk-in theater/amphitheater/bandshell as part of a community center. With the plan in place we can move forward with the project as revenue is available, developing a community center in stages rather than all at once.

We believe it's important to bring residents of other communities to Cottage Grove to do their shopping and therefore increasing the tax revenue for projects such as a community center. Walmart is not a viable part of this equation. There are Walmarts in Woodbury, West. St. Paul, Inver Grove Heights and Hastings, so the residents of those communities will not come to Cottage Grove to do their shopping. We do our fair share of shopping at Walmart and don't mind going 10 minutes north or 10 minutes south to get there.

Let's encourage companies like Costco or Fleet Farm to come to our city, which will draw people from the east metro and farther. Let's not settle for a quick fix by selling the drive-in property to Walmart. Let's make a positive plan for the future. Realistically Cottage Grove cannot support four grocery stores. Do we really want yet another vacant building like the Home Depot property? No.

Let the Cottage Grove City Council know your thoughts: Mayor Myron Bailey and Derrick Lehrke, Justin Olsen, Jen Peterson and Dave Thiede. You are encouraged to attend the Planning Commission meeting on the fourth Monday of either June or July (dependent upon the submission of Walmart's application to the city) and the subsequent council meeting. Go to the city's website ( for specific dates and e-mail addresses of council members.

James and Carolyn


Cottage Grove

Editor's clarification: The city of Cottage Grove is not considering selling the Cottage View Drive-In property; the land is privately owned. The city would have to approve any development on the site.

Speak up on 3M incinerator permit

Did you know that your health and the environment are at risk in the 20-mile radius of 3M's Cottage Grove incinerator? It is difficult to reach all of you. It is your responsibility to read what is on for more information on the organization (Coalition of Concerned Cottage Grove Citizens) that has been battling with 3M on your behalf to stop a 3M permit from being issued. 3M is requesting a permit to truck in 14,000 tons per year of liquid hazardous wastes from other companies in the entire U.S. to replace natural gas as a fuel source because 3M doesn't want to pay for natural gas like the rest of us. Natural gas burns clean but liquid hazardous waste does not burn clean. There are toxins burned from liquid hazardous waste that will float in a 20-mile radius. Lead particles can get into your lungs and the air pollution will increase in our cities. This is not what we want for our cities.

We are not taking away the jobs from the 3M employees. We are asking them to be good neighbors and burn natural gas, which burns clean. Also, the state of Minnesota now wants 3M-Cottage Grove to burn law enforcement waste. This will add to the pollution.

If we do nothing about this 3M permit, who knows what the future will hold for our cities? We need everyone to call Gov. Mark Dayton, call the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Citizens' Board members (listed on the website and legislators. This is your duty as much as ours. We have a limited amount of time. The last meeting for the public to attend for a final decision on the 3M permit is 9 a.m. Tuesday, June 26, at the MPCA building, 520 Lafayette Road North, St. Paul, MN. 55155

Kathy Houston

Cottage Grove

Houston wrote this letter on behalf of the Coalition of Concerned Cottage Grove Citizens, which opposes the 3M plan.

Serve city and learn about the community

A year ago, as a junior at East Ridge High School I joined the Human Services/Human Rights Commission of Cottage Grove. I was very interested in learning more about the city I come from, and wanted to get involved in any way possible. A family friend recommended joining a city commission, where I could voice my own opinion on certain topics that I was passionate about and get involved in Cottage Grove.

During this time, I was very busy with a part-time job, babysitting regularly, participating in a school club and volunteering at Regions Hospital. I was at first hesitant to apply for a position because of my schedule, but after learning that all city commissions meet only once a month, I knew I could fit it into my schedule.

Through my time with the Human Services/Human Rights Commission I have been able to write an article I was passionate about for the Bulletin, learn about city issues and become passionate about human rights issues. There is currently one youth seat open on the commission and later this summer there will be one more when I leave for college. If you know of a student who is looking for something to do, or is interested in the city government, getting on a city commission is a great way to make connections and learn a lot about community issues. I would recommend the position to anyone interested in finding their passion.

To apply, go the city's website at and fill out an application or pick up one at City Hall, 7516 80th St. S.

Jena Nutzman

Cottage Grove