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Bulletin letters to the editor

City charter appointments represent diversity within community

Five Cottage Grove citizens submitted a petition to Washington County District Court on Jan. 5 requesting that the court create a commission to evaluate if the City of Cottage Grove should be governed under a home rule charter. Along with this request the petitioners submitted applications from interested Cottage Grove residents offering to volunteer their time to serve on this commission.

The petitioners had solicited signatures of people from the community supportive of a conversation within the community exploring the home rule charter concept. Once the city and Washington County had qualified a sufficient number of signatures on the petition, the city advertised the opportunity for others to volunteer as applicants for this charter commission. All told, the court received applications from more than 40 volunteers.

On March 9, the court selected from among these volunteers and seated this charter commission. The court appropriately selected volunteers from throughout the community. The volunteers appointed by the court represent a wide diversity of career and volunteer experience, understanding in governmental operations and diversity of residence within the community. As a result, I believe there will be good, thoughtful discussion and analysis that comes from the process that now is set to begin.

I thank the county and the court for their role in this process and I look forward to the community conversation that will result.

Myron Bailey

Bailey is Cottage Grove mayor

Best of luck

to Kriesel

Although I was opposed to his politics, antics and the campaign that got him elected, I do wish Rep. John Kriesel the best of luck in future endeavors and have always applauded - and still do - his service to America.

William Cory Labovitch

South St. Paul

Labovitch is outreach director for Senate District 57 DFL