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Bulletin letters to the editor

A simple 'Thanks' for their service

Many, many, years ago

The world praised this day

Hoping man had learned

That peace on earth could stay.

The Armistice was signed

And joy was all around

The world could start to heal

And hope could now abound.

But several wars much later

And a name change, I must add

Still finds the world at odds

And millions of us sad.

The day is now called: "Veterans Day"

To honor all who served

Who gave so much for freedom

In the protection of that word.

These men and women did their job

Back then and now today

And sacrificed their lives

So we can have this day.

No one likes to go to war

Ask any vet you see

But when it comes to freedom

They'll die for you and me.

So on Veterans Day this year

A simple "Thanks" will do

For what they all went through

Was for you, and you, and you.

Bob Beskar

Cottage Grove

Beskar is a Vietnam War veteran

Stay positive on job creation

U.S. Rep. John Kline, R-Minn., wrote an opinion piece in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on Nov. 3 headlined, "The federal government is an obstacle to job creation."

The viewpoint is loaded with negative words: hamstring, threats, frustrated, unemployed, excessive, unnecessarily, harder, job-killing, restrict, detrimental, boggles, over-regulated, over-reaching, hinder, force, shut down, uncertain, destroy, intrusive, shot in the butt, chilling effect, virtually eliminate, getting hijacked, egregious, crippling, uncertainty, alarming pace, repeal, grabs and dictating.

Wouldn't it be better if people in positions to make laws/policy had a more positive focus on creating a prosperous life for all U.S. citizens?

Sharon Fortunak

Cottage Grove