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Bulletin letters to the editor

Boyd dedicated to all students

As a resident within School District 833 and a parent with children in South Washington County Schools, I strongly encourage taxpayers to re-elect Leslee Boyd to our School Board in November.

Boyd has been a strong, dedicated advocate for all students in the district; she actively listens to and understands varying perspectives. As the board's current chairwoman, she brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, professionalism and leadership to the position, on top of her business background in government and communications. Her tireless volunteerism and commitment to her board role show a commendable passion for our kids' education.

During tough economic times, it's a necessity to elect a board that understands education financing and the inter-connected complexities of the challenges facing our district. I'm confident Boyd can hit the ground running in the next term and do things to strengthen our district, its leadership, its staff, and ultimately, the educational experience of our children. I hope you will join me to vote Leslee Boyd for School Board on Nov. 8.

Jennifer Nichols

Cottage Grove

Schwartz would be asset to board

Katie Schwartz is a great leader and advocate for things she believes in. She cares for people and simply wants what is best for the kids of the school district. As a member of the South Washington County School Board, she will work to achieve what is best for the kids in District 833. I know this because she is my mom.

My mom has always been an active member of the community, in and out of the schools. She has always been one of the first to sign up to volunteer when it is needed in my brother's, sister's, or my school. As a member of many booster clubs and committees within the school, she has been the voice of the student, pushing for what would be best for them.

My mom has also been involved in many committees outside of the schools, including, but not limited to, president and member of the Cottage Grove Branch of MOM's Club, Heritage Days Committee, Parks and Recreation Commission in St. Paul Park, and the St. Paul Park Soccer director. These positions have tested my mom's organizational skills as well as her ability to work with others in stressful situations. As the St. Paul Park Soccer director, she has organized clinics alongside varsity soccer coaches at the high schools to incorporate the schools into the program.

I believe my mom would be a valuable asset to the School Board. She cares about what is best for the students and will work until she achieves what is best. She lives with children on all ends of the spectrum and knows what each needs. My mom is experienced and willing to do what she has to do to make the school district better.

Regan Pelton, 16

St. Paul Park

Pelton is the daughter of District 833 School Board candidate Katie Schwartz.

Boyd takes role seriously

My children long ago graduated from District 833's schools, but as the daughter of a former school board member, the mother of a teacher and the grandmother of two current students in the district, I value education immensely and take interest in our school board's leadership. I value the balance between fiscal responsibility and excellence in education for our students. An investment in our schools can help maintain property values and build strong communities.

To that end, I support re-electing Leslee Boyd to our School Board in November. Leslee's experience as the board's current chairwoman showcases her dedicated advocacy for excellence in our district. She takes her role seriously and gives so much of her time to understand the needs of our district from all angles. I believe her background, thorough knowledge of education financing and her dedication to making needed improvements for our district have served her well and make her an excellent choice for our district. I hope you will join me in voting for Leslee Boyd on Nov. 8.

Sue Schmidt

St. Paul Park

Gelbmann an advocate for whole community

Jim Gelbmann has my vote for the District 833 School Board. For 16 years, Jim has served our community well through his dedication to academic excellence. My husband and I voted for Jim the first time he ran and have voted for him each election since then. Jim is a strong advocate for every student in pursuit of their education. Jim listens well to the community. Jim is trusted with the difficult decisions. We are proud to have Jim as our representative.

As a former member of the School Board, I was privileged to serve with Jim. Over those eight years, I came to know him from a different perspective - that of colleague. I was always impressed with Jim's integrity, political savvy and financial acumen. He worked tirelessly to understand each issue, and to find solutions to difficult decisions.

Jim advocates for all those served by the district and does so with a keen eye to the financial impact on all taxpayers. Jim is a true advocate of our entire community; he actively seeks input as various policy decisions are being considered by the board. He questions all expenditures with the basic question of "How will our students' education benefit from it?" He understands the governmental processes at the state and federal level and is, thereby, able to help inform and position the district on critical issues. South Washington County Schools are well respected in this state and beyond. The foundations to this deserving reputation have been well supported by Jim. By re-electing him to the board, his good work will continue.

An excellent education is a precious gift this community gives to each child. Our community needs strong leaders on the board to ensure the greatest value of this gift. Jim Gelbmann will provide this strong leadership.

Denise Kapler


Kapler served on the District 833 School Board from 2002-2010

Gelbmann has demonstrated passion for schools

It has been a privilege for me to serve alongside Jim Gelbmann on the Joint Powers Board of the East Metro Integration District since 2007. I encourage you to re-elect Jim to the South Washington County School Board on Nov. 8.

From a policy and governance perspective, Jim is a respected leader on the EMID board. His approach to today's challenging educational issues is thoughtful, respectful and collaborative. He takes his role representing the South Washington County School District very seriously and advocates for, and represents the interests of, all students, families and residents of the South Washington County School District. Jim encourages community engagement, and he actively seeks input from stakeholders before making important decisions that impact students and the EMID organization.

Jim demonstrates personal integrity that I admire greatly. He values society's investment in public education and takes a student-centered approach to his School Board responsibilities. Jim has high expectations for himself, the EMID board and administration, and he holds the organization accountable. Clearly, Jim's passion is to provide opportunities that will allow all students to reach his or her potential.

The students, families and residents of the South Washington County School District would be served well by re-electing Jim Gelbmann to the South Washington County School Board on Nov. 8.

Lori Swanson

White Bear Lake

Swanson serves on the East Metro Integration District, of which District 833 is a member.

Boyd represents district fairly

I am writing in support of Leslee Boyd for re-election for District 833 School Board on Nov. 8. Leslee has worked extremely hard and has proven herself as an experienced professional, offering District 833 her skills as a leader and her perspective as a taxpayer who is raising her family in our school district. Her track record of volunteering in the schools as well as her well-rounded breadth of involvement, including work with athletics, fine arts, finance and curriculum, gives her the knowledge to represent our district fairly and passionately.

Leslee has gained our trust in her years on the School Board, and I have confidence that she will continue to build upon the foundation which makes our school district successful and will keep our children's education paramount. Being elected unanimously as board chairwoman by her colleagues the past two years, she obviously has gained the trust of the school board as well.

Please vote for Leslee Boyd for School Board this Nov. 8.

Amy Henderson

Cottage Grove