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Bulletin letter to the editor: Residents acted like 'lynch mob' at Walmart meeting

Residents questioning Walmart proposal acted like a 'lynch mob'

After attending the Cottage Grove Planning Commission meeting (July 23) for the Walmart project, I was furious.

I and seven other ladies went to hear and maybe voice our opinions about why we need a Walmart. The residents in the area behind the proposed site acted like a lynch mob. I felt sorry for the three representatives from Walmart and was embarrassed just being there.

Yes, people have a right to dispute the plans, but one speaker would have been enough. Good money from Walmart and Cottage Grove was used for all the plans and the meetings. Why do the residents feel they are smarter? If they wanted all the privacy maybe buying land in the country would have been better.

I grew up in St. Paul Park in the late 1950s, married and settled in Cottage Grove and raised two children, widowed and still living in the area. I have seen all the growth in the two cities. Cottage Grove is dying. We need a large-scale retail store like Walmart so other businesses would see potential growth here. I know I am not the only person wishing we could just shop in Cottage Grove and not have to drive 11 miles one way to a Walmart.

The lady stating facts in the opening speech said Hastings closed their Walmart. They sold it to Corburn and built a much larger store with more acreage. Also, they have butchers. Would this group of residents even be happy if a small shopping center or playground would come in? I don't think so. There still would be noise, lights and traffic.

Please consider letting Walmart come in. A handful of residents do not necessarily talk for the complete population of Cottage Grove and surrounding areas.

Joyce Bolduan

St. Paul Park