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Bulletin letter to the editor: Recognizing Memorial Day

A poem remembering heroes on Memorial Day

As we gather here this special day

We owe our freedom for those we pray.

They are our heroes forevermore

Whether in peace, or in time of war.

"All gave some, and some gave all"

Are not just words written on some wall.

But a simple fact that means so much

And goes beyond the human touch.

These men and women we honor today

Must never be allowed to fade away.

That's why we gather along with you

To honor who served; the Red, White, and Blue.

We must also remember the many more

Who did not return from some faraway shore.

They gave their all for the U.S. of A...

And remain in our hearts and in the prayers that we say.

So for all who are here; in the sun, clouds, or rain

We're sharing together our loss and our pain.

For without these great heroes, we might not be here

But living a nightmare surrounded in fear.

We thank you for joining our ranks on this day

And sharing with us, these words that we say.

For all those we honor helped us stay free

And that's why this day... is so important you see.

Bob Beskar

Cottage Grove

Beskar is a Vietnam War veteran