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Bulletin letter to the editor: Editing, ambassadors story needed work

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A recent letter to the editor:

Editing, ambassadors story needed work

Our household has subscribed to the South Washington County Bulletin for many years. We have enjoyed reading about events specific to our south Washington County area. We have chuckled at, and cursed at, the lack of proofreading done prior to printing -- most recently in the article regarding the unfortunate shooting incident of the young man in St. Paul Park. The headline stated the gun was "inadvertently" discharged, while the article reads "advertently."


Upon receipt of the Aug. 14 edition, we were drawn to the addition of the Heritage Days Festival insert. Reading the beginning of the article about the ambassadors, I felt a bit bittersweet, as my daughters and many of their friends have participated in past royalty festivities. We wish Jim Domeier all the best in his retirement.

What I find as bad form is the fact that you had to muddy the article with the information about Regan Pelton. I believe it was difficult for her to make the decision she did, but don't feel it was necessary to include the information about the civil suit. That space could have been used to print a farewell and thank you to all the 2012-13 girls, who worked so very hard to represent and earn their city 15-plus awards this year.

Robin Kellogg

St. Paul Park