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Bulletin letter to the editor

Voters would question Housley's motives

Let me get this straight: Karin Housley is thinking about moving from her expensive mansion on the St. Croix River in St. Mary's Point to a yet-to-be built cabin in the woods in Afton in order to run against Sen. Katie Sieben. This makes no sense for a number of reasons.

First, a move like this will be a campaign issue that will be hard to overcome. Housley even admits that she is "struggling" with how voters will perceive this move. She should struggle with the notion and voters should and will question her motives.

Second, a move would clearly point out that Housley really doesn't have much in common with the residents of Senate District 57 (or the new District 54). Under state law, she will have to be living in the district by May 2. How many regular people in South St. Paul, Cottage Grove, Hastings or Afton have enough money to leave one high-priced home and throw money into building another one within three months? And then likely pay two mortgages because we all know that in this economy expensive houses don't sell fast.

It's quite clear that Housley desperately wants another match-up against Sieben, so much that this almost seems like a game to her instead of what it should be: a desire to serve. This is not a hobby to be toyed with. Serving in the state Senate is serious business - not a game of musical houses.

Judy Gilbert