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Ambulance runs, traffic court

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Cottage Grove,Minnesota 55016
SWC Bulletin
Ambulance runs, traffic court
Cottage Grove Minnesota 7584 80th Street South 55016


Wednesday: Lucille Kraft from 1662 Woodland Drive to Fairview Red Wing Medical Center, 8 a.m.; Richard Foster from 325 Plum St. to hospital, 1:20 p.m.; Charles Smythurst from Seminary Home to hospital, 1:34 p.m., and return, 3:41 p.m.; Thomas Potswold from hospital to St. Marys Hospital, Rochester, 4:15 p.m.; Laverne Wittenberg from W6434 Cemetery Road to hospital, 10:29 p.m.

Today: Laverne Wittenberg from hospital to St. Marys, 12:54 a.m.; Vern Johnson from N1831 County Road K to hospital, 3:28 a.m.


The following cases of area residents were processed in Goodhue County District Court. Fines do not necessarily include surcharges or other fees imposed by the court.

Jan. 10: Charles Adolph, Goodhue, seat belt, $25; Ernest Banks, Pine Island, seat belt, $25; Zachary Benson, 1224 Bush St., seat belt, $25; Scott Castle, Dennison, speeding (64-55), $45; Nikki Gesme, Cannon Falls, window tint, $45; Mary Sapp, Zumbrota, speeding (68-55), $45; Kelly Arndt, Zumbrota, speeding (65-55), $40; Nick Auseth, Wanamingo, speeding (72-55), $60; Aaron Cody, Goodhue, speeding (65-55), $40; David Emerson, Kenyon, speeding (75-55), $60; Jason Ferguson, Bellechester, speeding (75-65), $40; Peter Greseth, Zumbrota, speeding (64-55), $60; Aaron Haugen, Kenyon, speeding (75-55), $60; Kelly Kreisler, Cannon Falls, driving after suspension, $100; Nicole Kreye, rural Red Wing, speeding (72-55), $60; Ross Ness, Pine Island, expired registration, $20; Alan Oeltjen, Welch, speeding (64-55), $40; Jeffrey Shoenfelder, Kenyon, seat belt, $25; Debra Westgard, Pine Island, speeding (72-55), expired driver's license, $160; Timothy LaCanne, Kenyon, expired tabs, no proof insurance, continued six months for dismissal; Kyle Mann, Zumbrota, illegal consumption, continued six months for dismissal; Scott Rennie, Pine Island, driving without due care, continued six months for dismissal; Jessica Stockman, Zumbrota, zero tolerance, continued six months for dismissal; Lucinda Beise, 1817 Spruce Drive, speeding (44-30), $50; Kimber Havkett-Ebeling, Cannon Falls, speeding (44-30), $50; Gina Johnson, Cannon Falls, stop sign, $50; Zachary Benson, 1224 Bush St., seat belt, $25; Megan Dowse, 2508 Hallquist Ave., speeding (55-35), $60; Patrick Fox, 1425 Phelps St., speeding (79-55), following too closely, $120; Virgil Glebe, 1543 Roosevelt Ave., expired registration, $20; Lisa Hegseth, 673 East Seventh St., speeding (43-30), seat belt, $75; Stephanie Kish, Wanamingo, child restraint, $50; Stephanie Monson, Cannon Falls, speeding (50-30), $60.

Jan. 13: Gerald Peterson, Kenyon, speeding (75-55), $55; Darren Vieths, Zumbrota, speeding (78-65), $45; Cyle Warwick, 1603 Greenwood St., seat belt, $25; Andrew Christianson, 1916 W. Fifth St., speeding (65-55), $40; Kevin Jenson, Goodhue, speeding (70-55), $60; Ramona Jones, Welch, speeding (64-55), $40; Paul Krsek, Welch, speeding (65-55), $40; Jayne Overstreet, Cannon Falls, speeding (79-55), $70; Alejandro Vargas, Goodhue, speeding (69-55), $50; James Williams, Welch, speeding (83-55), $100; Aaron Soule, Cannon Falls, speeding (79-65), continued six months for dismissal; Anthony Rapp, Cannon Falls, no proof insurance, 30 days jail; Erik Hannestad, Hager City, illegal consumption, $100; Dustin Gierfer, Cannon Falls, under 21 drink and drive, $40; Tracey Nelson, 282 Fern Ave., speeding (64-55), $50.

Dismissals: Raquel Marlow, Zumbrota, dishonored check.

Jan. 14: Sara Peterson, Welch, cracked windshield, $50; David Ruegg, Pine Island, no driver's license in possession, $20; Courtney Schaefer, Pine Island, fail display current registration, $20; Cory Wiebusch, Goodhue, speeding (85-55), $100; Gail Henderson, Cannon Falls, expired registration, $20; Jennifer Langdon, Cannon Falls, expired registration, $20; Jessica Meyers, Prescott, driving after suspension, $100; Lori Simonson, 1222 W. Fourth St., seat belt, expired tabs, $45.

Dismissals: Karen Clerico, 159 Bryan Drive, no proof insurance.