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2014 street work in Cottage Grove may top $3M

Neighborhood roads in southeast Cottage Grove are slated for improvement as part of the 2014 pavement management project.

The Cottage Grove City Council got its first look at the feasibility study during a workshop last week that put residential streets east of Jamaica Avenue and south of 90th Street up for discussion.

The $3.67 million project includes improvements to a total of 37 streets — 26,000 linear feet — within the Heritage Estates addition, Ridgewood first through seventh additions, and the Knollwood first through third additions.

City Engineer Jennifer Levitt described the extensive cracking in several cul-de-sacs and curbs and road wear as problems the pavement management plansaims to fix.

The installation of a woodchip trail connecting two cul-de-sacs behind the new Walmart was discussed and proposed to connect to the nearby trail system. But at a cost of more than $38,000, council members opposed it.

“Until we have more development down there, to have a trail between two cul-de-sacs makes no sense,” Mayor Myron Bailey said.

As standard procedure with any pavement management project, the engineering department also inspected stormwater and sanitary sewer structures. The pipe televising, Levitt said, was to “ensure that we don’t have any water main leaks or breaks or any surprises.”

Several severely rusted bolts were found and will be replaced as part of the project.

“The additional utility improvements are on a very small scale and are similar to other improvements we have done on other projects,” Levitt added.

The $3.67 million project will be paid for with the sanitary sewer and water utility funds, with the bulk of the project being funded by the general levy and residential assessments

The feasibility report is merely preliminary figures, Levitt said, and could change when the city goes out for bids next year.