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Monday, August 18, 2014 - 11:20pm

District 833 School Board Regular Meeting: Unofficial Clerk\'s
summary for 8/7/14
Called to order by Kath at 6:30pm at the DSC. School Board Members present: Brunnette, Johnson, Kath, McElwee-Stevens, Schwartz, Van Leer & Witte. Superintendent Jacobus was present. Moved by Van Leer & seconded by Johnson to approve the agenda. Motion carried.
Moved by Schwartz & seconded by Van Leer to approve the following consent agenda items: Retirements, Resignations, Terminations, Leaves of Absence, New Employees/Change of Status, Extended Field Trips, Prairie River Homecare Nursing Contract, Hiawatha Homecare Nursing Contract, contract with Family Innovations, Inc. & contract with Accurate Home Care LLC.
Vogel, Assistant to the Superintendent/Operations & Nielson, Assistant Superintendent provided an update on the progress of the board approved long range facility planning process.
Superintendent\'s Evaluation: Dr. Jacobus received an overall score of 3.7 with a 3.8 in management and 3.7 for meeting his goals in 2013/14. The scoring is based on a 5 point scale.
Approval of NE Metro Health and Safety Resolution: Johnson introduced the resolution and moved its adoption. Seconded by McElwee-Stevens. Roll call: Brunnette, Johnson, Kath, McElwee-Stevens, Schwartz, Van Leer & Witte in favor. None opposed. Resolution passed.
Dr. Jacobus reported on the new teacher evaluation process, restructure of Assistance Superintendent building assignments and the MDE Leadership conference.
Brunnette attended a NE Metro 916 Meeting at the Karner Blue Education Center. Kath completed the school and committee assignments for School Board members & noted the upcoming parades with the City of Newport, St Paul Park and Woodbury. McElwee-Stevens attended the Charlotte Danielson Training, MSBA Phase 1 & Phase 2 training, and The Long Range Facilities Task Force Meeting. Schwartz attended the job fair on 7/30 & the Long Range Facilities Task Force Meeting. Van Leer met with the HR Director, Denise Griffith, and a college at St. Thomas to discuss team building with the St. Paul Public Schools. Witte attended training at the MSBA Conference & MSBA Phase 1 and Phase 2 Training.
Future Regular Meeting Dates: 8/21/14 & 9/11/14 at 6:30pm. Adjourned: 8:16pm