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District 833 School Board Special Meeting

Monday, June 23, 2014 - 11:20pm

Unofficial Clerk\'s Minutes for 6/12/14
Called to Order by Kath at 5:30pm at the DSC. School Board members present were: Van Leer, Johnson, McElwee-Stevens, Schwartz, Brunnette & Kath. Gelbmann was absent. Superintendent Jacobus was present. Student representatives were absent.
The School Board interviewed seven candidates for the single vacancy on the School Board to replace Director, Gelbmann. Candidates interviewed were: Kimberly Graff, Joseph Slavin, Molly Lutz, Michelle Witte, Leslee Boyd, Michael Edman & Jonathan Hunt. Candidates were asked 5 questions & provided 25 minutes.
Following the interviews, Board members went through a selection process as outlined in district policy 201.2. After 8 rounds, there was a tie between Michelle Witte and Joseph Slavin. A coin toss was conducted with Witte winning the toss. She will fill the upcoming vacant Director position on the School Board. Witte will be sworn in at the 7/17/14 School Board meeting
Adjourned at 9:32pm.