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Friday, June 13, 2014 - 11:20pm

DISTRICT 833 School Board Regular Meeting
Unofficial Clerk\'s Summary for 6/5/14
Called to Order by Kath at 6:30p.m. at the DSC. School Board members present were: Van Leer, Johnson, McElwee-Stevens, Schwartz, Brunnette & Kath. Gelbmann was absent. Superintendent Jacobus was present. Student representatives were not present.
Motioned by Kath to add Action Item 9.3 - Approval of two published board vacancy interview questions and to move 9.1 to immediately follow consent agenda items. Moved by McElwee. Seconded by Schwartz to approve the amended agenda. Motion carried.
Moved by Van Leer & seconded by Brunnette to approve the following consent items: Approval of Retirements, Resignations & Terminations, Approval of Leaves of Absence, Approval of New Employees/Change of Status & Approval of Banking Services Vendor.
Keith Ryskoski, Assistant Superintendent, AVID District Director, Jim Tiede, AVID Secondary District Coordinator, Molly Lester, AVID Elementary District Liaison, Mary Seidel, East Ridge High School AVID Coordinator, Dana Larson, Park High School AVID Coordinator & Lisa Hyland, Woodbury High School AVID Coordinator, along with past and present students, presented updates on AVID & the planned Expansion.
Aaron Bushberger Director of Finance presented the First Reading FY 14-15 General Fund/Transportation Budget. It is projected the fund balance will be at 6.0% balance on 6/30/14 and 5.0% on 6/30/15.
Resolution establishing whether Board members are employees for purposes of the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. Voting in favor of being classified as Elected Officials were Kath, Brunnette, Johnson, McElwee-Stevens, Schwartz & Van Leer. Gelbmann was absent. Brunnette motioned to pass this resolution. Seconded by Johnson
Determination of Candidates to Interview for Vacant Board Seat presented by Kath. Motioned by Van Leer to interview all seven applicants. Seconded by Schwartz. Candidates will be interviewed at the June 12, 2014 Special School Board Meeting. 1) School Board members held a discussion and approved the following two questions to be asked of candidates at the 6/12/14 Special Board Meeting. Which Strategic Planning Goal do you believe is most important and why? 2) What area do you feel the district needs to immediately address? Why? Motioned by Van leer, seconded by Brunnette to approve the above noted questions. All in favor. None opposed.
Superintendent Jacobus attended all the graduation ceremonies, thanking all District 833 staff. He recognized Laura Cook, District 833 video producer, who is moving to Maine after 3.5 years with the district and encouraged people to enter the Facebook Reading Photo contest this summer. Kath reported attending the community Ed mtg with Brunnette. He also attended the grad ceremonies. Brunnette congratulated the graduates. She reported on an open house with Karner Blue in August and that Fridley is the newest school district to join NE Metro 916. Johnson reported she also attended all the graduations and WHS Award Ceremony, naming this year as the year of the selfie. She attended the Citizens Finance Advisory Committee and watched the 5th graders at RRE perform their annual history pageant. McElwee-Stevens reported she and Johnson went to the percussion ensemble for Park and Woodbury High Schools. She attended the employee banquet, Teacher Evaluation Committee meetings, toured the 916 auditory program and attended PHS Awards night, Achievement gap meeting, Long Range Facility Task Force Meeting, Hillsides 50th birthday bash and Communicators meeting. She attended all five graduation ceremonies. Schwartz reported she attended Pullmans Culture night, Strategic Planning sessions, Long Range Facilities Task Force and all the Graduation ceremonies. She noted the School Board members did a selfie at the WHS Ceremony. Van Leer reported she attended East Ridge, Next Step, Park & Woodbury Graduations. She attended the retirement party for staff retiring from WHS and the CG and LMS Concert. She was also able to attend the scholarship and award ceremony for WHS.
Future Meeting Dates are 6/12/14 at 5:30pm for a Special School Board Meeting & 6/19/14 for a Regular School Board Meeting. Meeting adjourned at 8:43pm.