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Friday, May 16, 2014 - 11:20pm

District 833 School Board Regular Meeting
Unofficial Clerk\'s Summary for 05/08/14
Called to order by Kath at 6:30 pm at the DSC. School Board members present: Brunnette, Johnson, Kath, Schwartz, Van Leer and McElwee-Stevens. Gelbmann was absent. Superintendent Keith Jacobus was present. Approval of Agenda: Moved by Brunnette & seconded by Van Leer. Motion carried.
Approval of Consent Agenda Items. Moved by Brunnette. Seconded by Schwartz. Motion carried to approve the following: Approval of Retirements, Resignations & Terminations, Approval of Leaves of Absence, Approval of New Employees/Change of Status, Approval of Authorization of Extended Field Trips, Approval of FY 13*14 3rd Qtr Budget Adjustments.
Andrew Baldwin, Director of Technology presented T3. Pre-K, 1st & 7th grade children sat with Board members to demonstrate learning on iPads. Director of Nutrition Services Kathryn Grafsgaard presented the 14-15 Nutrition Services Budget. Director of Community Education Bob Lawrence presented the 14-15 Community Education Budget. The board discussed the process for filling the vacant board seat to be that the vacancy is published during the week of 5/12. During the week of 5/19 applications will be accepted. At the 6/5 Board meeting the application review process will be discussed. 6/9 - 6/18 public interviews will be scheduled and they will vote & select a candidate. At the 6/19 Board meeting they will announce the person to take over Gelbmann\'s open seat. At the 7/17 meeting the new candidate will be sworn in to take over the remaining 1.5 years remaining on Gelbmann\'s seat. Motion to approve the above process by Van Leer & seconded by Johnson. Motion passed, all in agreement.
Kath proposed the following process. It will be discussed at the 5/22/14 board meeting.
Application process includes, Provide Letter of interest, Provide a resume, Provide recommendation letters, Provide list of community, school and volunteer activities involved in. Kath proposed the interview format to include opening remarks by applicant with information about their background and why they desire to serve on the School Board, Questions from the School Board to the applicant, Closing remarks by applicant, if any and Questions to School Board from applicant, if any.
There was consensus to have the Cabinet and School Board meet for a 3 hour retreat on July 24, 2014. Subject matter will include an evaluation by School Board Members of Superintendent Jacobus. Additional topics to be discussed will be determined.
Superintendent Jacobus highlighted the district\'s new & mobile website, the annual review of our Strategic Plan. The Annual Employee Banquet is this to honor the District\'s retirees, Education All Stars, and employees. He noted that the Cottage Grove Area Chamber of Commerce selected Park High School choir teacher Benjamin O\'Connor was selected as the Educator of the Year and Grey Cloud Elementary special education paraprofessional Mary Johannsen was named the Educational Support Person of the Year.
School Board members attended several community functions. Below are a few of the functions attended. Brunnette attended a meeting at 916 & plans to attend the open house for Karner Blue Education Ctr. Schwartz attended a School Communicators meeting, a Long Range Facilities Task force meeting & Park\'s 100th anniversary planning meeting. Van Leer attended the Middleton Elementary carnival, East Ridge High School play, "The Glass Slipper", Woodbury Middle School 7th grade concert choir & a PTA meeting at Woodbury Middle School. She presented an award to a former Woodbury High School graduate who has volunteered years of service to the Mock Trial Team. McElwee-Stevens toured the Bellaire School Transition program (NE Metro 916), Adult Basic Education Center at Central Park, the Workforce Center & the Adult High School Diploma Center. She attended the City of Cottage Grove Volunteer Banquet, East Ridge High School\'s "The Glass Slipper," Park High School\'s "Legally Blonde" & observed an Early Childhood class at East Ridge High school, amongst several other activities. Johnson attended the East Ridge High School Wisdom Retreat for Seniors, toured the kindergarten and special education sections at Bailey Elementary, attended the Percussion ensemble at Woodbury High School with the U of M Percussion Ensemble as well as the District\'s orchestra festival. She also attended "Legally Blonde at Park High School. Kath thanked the community who helped Cottage Grove receive a 33K grant for the bike park & provided the following graduation and city celebration schedules. ERHS: McElwee-Stevens & Van Leer, PHS: Schwartz & Kath, WHS: Gelbmann & Johnson, Next Step: McElwee-Stevens & Schwartz, SW Alt HS: Johnson. Parade Attendance & Contact Board Members: Cottage Grove Strawberry Festival: Kath, Woodbury Days: Johnson & Van Leer, St. Paul Park Heritage Days: Schwartz, Newport Pioneer Days: McElwee-Stevens.
Adjourned to the closed session at 10:12pm. Closed session to receive response to reasons for nonrenewal pursuant to Minnesota Statutes sections 13D.05, subdivision 3(b), and 122A.33, subdivision 3. Returned to open session at 10:40pm. Future Meeting Dates: 5/22/14 & 6/5/14 at DSC, 6:30pm. Meeting adjourned at 10:40 pm. This information is only a summary. The full text is available for public inspection at the administrative offices of the school district or at