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Porky's drive-in moving to Hastings

Collector Steve Bauer and his family announced Monday, April 11, that

they were bringing the longtime St. Paul landmark restaurant,

Porky's, to Hastings.

Bauer and his wife, Sylvia, and their family operate the Little Log

House Pioneer Village here. They will add Porky's to their collection

of buildings.

Porky's operated as a popular drive-in diner on University Avenue

until April 3, when it closed.

"It's such an important part of the community," he said Monday. "To

see this thing go into a Dumpster, it's not what should be done to

stuff like this. The memories aren't something you can just make up.

They were built in here. There are all kinds of stories."

Bauer said he met a Twin Cities man named Tim Dowd who met his wife

at Porky's 52 years ago.

"She waited on him, and he thought she was sort of a cute little

girl," Bauer said. "He asked her out, and asked her what time she got

off work. Three months later, he proposed to her in that parking lot.

"It's just stuff like that (that made us want to save the building)."

The main Porky's sign was not part of the sale, but several other

pieces of the restaurant will make their trip to Hastings in addition

to the building. The restaurant will not be operating as a

restaurant, but will be dismantled, put back together and brought to

life in time for the Antique Power Show, set for July 29-31.

The Little Log House Pioneer Village is located south of Hastings off

Highway 61 at 220th Street.